Colin Trevorrow has teased more about his next project Atlantis in a new interview with Empire Magazine. The movie is currently being written by Colin, Matt Charman and Dante Harper and is “set to be a new take on the usual story of a doomed island, and one with all-too keen a relevance for young people today.”

Jurassic World Dominion’s production designer Kevin Jenkins is on board along with artist David Allcock, helping to developing the look of Colin’s ‘Atlantis’.

The myth of Atlantis has always gripped Colin: “I’m fascinated with it… It’s the only thing that equals dinosaurs for me. I guess I tend to go back to the past. But, you know, it was the first time that we had technology. And it’s at a time when we had other kinds of creatures that aren’t around anymore There are just so many things about it that are fascinating to me. So yeah, I’m a deep nerd for it.”

He also provided further details on the reasons why the stories of Atlantis are worth telling today: “For a generation right now to be able to enter a world that is not unlike their world – where their elders have basically gifted them a civilisation that is dying – I think it is the right moment for that story,” he says. And while previous versions of the Atlantis story have portrayed it as a ruined city plunged underwater by its citizens’ hubris, this one looks set to mix that up – set on a lost continent in the Indian ocean.

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